What is noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT)

For predicting the risk of genetic abnormalities in a growing foetus, many parents, these days are undertaking NIPT i.e., Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing. Also known as non-invasive prenatal screening, this test is conducted by analyzing the minute fragments of DNA flowing freely in the mother's blood. The DNA is called cell-free DNA (cfDNA) as they are free-floating, unlike other DNA which is present inside the cell nucleus. This test is usually done to check chromosomal disorders such as down syndrome, Trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18.

As the name suggests, the NIPT test procedure is completely non-invasive and completely safe for the mother and foetus. The test only requires the blood of the pregnant mother, thus not harming the foetus at all. One must be aware that it is just a screening test that gives an estimate of the genetic risk involved in the growing foetus. It can't guarantee a definite response.
Nipt Test

Though there are various types of non - invasive prenatal testing, the most common method is to count all fragments of cfDNA to check for any chromosomal disorders. If the percentage is in the expected range, then there are lesser chances for the foetus to get prone to any genetic disorder and on the other side, if the percentage is more then there are higher chances for a genetic abnormality in a growing foetus. Then, at this stage, one more test is done to diagnose the disease so that the treatment for the same should get started immediately.

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